Lahore Rent a Car Murree provides a valuable service to visit natural beauty of Murree. Murree is one of the largest resort towns in the Galyat area of Pakistan. It is situated on the southern slopes of the Western Himalayan foothills as they ascend to the northeast towards Kashmir. The main attractions of Murree are its natural scenery and refreshing atmosphere. It is an ideal place for a family get away and vacation. With its many places of interests like Patriata, Ayubia, Nathia Gali, Bhurban, it offers many spots for picnics, mountain hiking and trekking.

Driving in or through Murree is at best a nightmare – the roads are too narrow. Except for the Islamabad-Murree highway all other roads are single / two lane roads and the driver should be conversant with mountain driving skills.

Available now Lahore Rent a Car Murree service to hire transportation with skilled driver to enjoy your journey on ups and down hilly roads to Murree. Now you can hir a car, van or any other transport as per your choice or offordability without any hasitation to keep enjoying your tour all aroud the country.

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